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The gaming o/c is a mild 10% controlled by the BIOS, but most of my testing with this has been with the default auto mode that comes up if you do a CMOS reset. The board still looks brand new and the regulator area with caps looks perfect. Board runs fine for either normal computing or game playing. The video card catches most of the o/c heat, but I've three case fans in there -- two target video card and memory/CPU, the traditional one above the regulators, plus hefty HSF on GPU and CPU and a duct to feed exterior air to the GPU fan. After saying all that, frankly, I really don't use that machine very much -- not much of a gamer !

I tried the new DVD/CD drive on an Asrock K7VT6 which also has a couple SATA ports (another older board). On that, it operates normally as a CD drive with either the PATA/SATA adapter or one of the SATA ports (used it to install PowerDVD5). Funny thing is though, with either a known good PATA DVD drive or the new SATA, after loading a DVD and waiting for PowerDVD5 to come up, I get system reset immediately after clicking the play button. Since it happens with the known good PATA drive as well, it's obviously not the new drive causing it, but something is obviously strange -- never seen anything like that before (just reassembled that machine a couple weeks ago). I can't even imagine how firing off a video player could trigger such a thing! Seems like a strange cause for a power fluctuation trip, guess I'll try swapping memory and see if that makes any difference.

After seeing the Asrock's success in talking to the drive, I went back to playing with drivers, but this time for the VIA VT8237 SB. Did find recent RAID drivers on VIA's site, but they helped not and instead created complications, so went back to the otherwise supposedly latest from 2003. It's very discouraging to be concluding the Asus board is incapable of communicating with a SATA DVD/CD drive -- seems unlikely the chips are the problem, more likely out-of-date BIOS/drivers. I guess there's the possibility of installing a PCI to SATA card, but the only way I can get room for that is to yank the cool air duct for the video card.

Just installed that known good PATA DVD/CD drive in the A8V machine (which was supposed to get the SATA) and it plays DVD just fine with both WinDVD6 and PowerDVD5. A really dumb problem .
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