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Originally Posted by Aedan View Post
First up, the Promise controller on the board only supports hard disks, so you will have no joy with that. The Via controller is supposed to support optical drives, but lots of ppl seem to have had issues with optical drives it it! That's not good news for you though, sorry!
Well, the observed behavior of the Promise (it doesn't even load the BIOS with the optical drive present) agrees with you. I've gone through the PDF manual and they don't even mention optical drives in any SATA context, but the one thing that gave me hope for the VIA SB was it was specifically reporting no single drive present when a single drive WAS present. That suggested it might be possible to install a single drive (hard or perhaps optical) and achieve independent non-RAID function. However, I've looked through the RAID tool selections and help info and if there's anything that enables independent mode, I haven't spotted it. It's easy with the Promise controller, the mode is selectable in the motherboard BIOS, nothing there for the SB controller.

I'd love to get in communication with someone who successfully communicates with a SATA optical drive via the SB. It really seems strange the PATA/SATA adapter appears to work fine with the Asrock, and yet not with the A8V Deluxe! I wondered if something was up with the drivers, but they both appear to be using the standard MS supplied drivers. Unless maybe there's some bus master function getting in the way.

I've a couple more A8V Deluxe machines, one torn down, that I can try. Now I also have that Asrock machine reset-upon-PowerDVD5-Play problem to figure out -- aaargh!
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