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Originally Posted by Gizmo View Post
Ok, looking through the manual, I'm lead to believe the SATA connectors (and the one mid-board IDE connector) are intended only for hard drives. The manual specifically mentions configuration for RAID 0, RAID 1, and JBOD in both cases.

There are a separate pair of IDE connectors next to the DIMM slots. Have you tried your PATA->SATA adapter with the CD/DVD drive there?
Thanks for looking at that !

Thus far, I always boot from a PATA and install a 120GB IDE drive master on the board primary IDE connector (adjacent the DIMMS). I may or may not have a slave PATA on the same cable, but I put the DVD/CD drive on the secondary IDE connector, all by its lonesome. (I understand the PATA/SATA adapters don't get along well with Master/Slave cabling, but with just the single drive on the board secondary IDE, that really shouldn't be an issue.) I've yet to fool with the Promise PATA, just its SATA, but in any case, I guess the answer is yes!

I finished building the other A8V Deluxe machine today (prefer to leave my built core machine alone) and just now completed XP and etc. install. I'll see if there's any difference in behavior with the drive. Will update later!

========================================== A LITTLE LATER ==================================================

Two interesting results so far with this second A8V Deluxe motherboard. First, the optical drive still doesn't work with the Promise controller, but this time, after enabling the controller in the BIOS, another interface surfaced and required a Promise "console" driver to satisfy. Never knew that even existed!

The other interesting result is an SB SATA port accepted the new LG optical drive without remark and I was then able to use it to first install WinDVD6 and then play a DVD. Drive behavior appears completely normal. So, appears all these boards aren't the same (unless the other's multiple defective), think I should pull a copy of the BIOS and then see if anything changes upon "update" to 17.

=========================================== MUCH LATER ================================================== ==

Behavior with a PATA/SATA adapter between the motherboard secondary IDE interface (adjacent the DIMMS) and the new optical drive may actually be worse than before (couldn't read anything at all), but is definitely not better. Next up is motherboard BIOS change, question being whether it changes behavior of the SB SATA ports when used with the LG DVD/CD drive. The current BIOS and motherboard works, but is that because of the BIOS or the motherboard?
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