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Originally Posted by TrevorS View Post
Only thing that makes sense to me is either the VT8237 is defective, its BIOS is defective, or there's still something amiss with the driver. The driver install package includes the BIOS, though it's not clear to me whether setup actually installs it. Guess I'll try some more -- makes me wonder if that Asrock blowup is perhaps driver related?

If anyone has any ideas on this, I'd be happy to hear them !
Turns out the VT8237 BIOS is the same version on both machines (2.01), and since it's supposedly just for RAID support and I'm not using RAID, I have it disabled in the MB BIOS anyway. However, I did try it both ways in both machines and it made no difference to either (outside of a boot message that allows it to be selected). So, I guess it's either some lingering side-effect from a past driver or a hardware fault. I've tried posting the problem on the VIA RAID/SATA forum -- see if anything helpful appears.
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