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I found this:

64 Versus 32-Bit Operating Systems

When a person has a 32-bit processor in his computer, his computer is capable of having a 32-bit operating system. Windows operating systems are often divided into 32 and 64-bit systems. 64-bit operating systems can theoretically hold a terabyte (1000GB) of memory. To put that in perspective, today's 32-bit systems can hold a maximum of 4GB of memory split between being used for programs and being used for operating system tasks. According to, a computer with a 64-bit processor using a 64-bit operating system performs twice as fast as a 32-bit machine.
PC Gaming

The first systems to embrace 64-bit gaming were the Sony Playstation 2 and the Nintendo 64. In modern PC gaming, though, the games take much better advantage of the 64-bit architecture. Most PC games are released for 32-bit processors and operating systems but work on 64-bit systems through emulation (the computer reading the game as a 32-bit system would). Now though, many game developers release 32- and 64-bit versions of their games. The 64-bit versions offer improved textures, richer sound and more detailed environments. Characters and objects are rendered with much more detail, especially in features such as hair, mouths, eyes and individual fingers. Also, the computer controlled characters will be capable of more realistic artificial intelligence, which can make the game more realistic and difficult.
Applications That Benefit the Most

According to, small programs and tasks such as word processors or Web browsers that run superbly on 32-bit systems won't show any noticeable speed increase in a 64-bit system. claims that this added speed and performance typically shows more in resource-intensive programs such as graphic design software and videos. Video coding and decoding (making your computer able to read and translate the file into video) also goes much quicker and smoother in 64-bit systems. Video players that would previously stutter on 32-bit systems present more frames-per-second on 64-bit systems, giving them more cinema-like playback.

Read more: What Are the Benefits of 64-Bit Software? | eHow What Are the Benefits of 64-Bit Software? | eHow
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