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Originally Posted by cloasters View Post
A 32-bit Windows operating system can use only 3.5 Gb of RAM. Nowadays that's really a very small amount of memory at your disposal. Yes, I remember that Mr Gates stated that 64 K would be enough RAM forever. He was wrong.
That's probably before the developments of compilers for Z80 and x86 processors. Back in the days when code was hand written in assembly, an imaginative fellow could accomplish amazing things with small amounts of memory.

I find that with even my heaviest video crunching (non-pro software) I don't even consume 1GB with WinXP. I understand Win7 requires much more (it's called bloat as I recall), but Win7 is also available in both 32 and 64 bit. I'm installing 4GB in my new machine, but only in light of future uncertainty, not recognition of need. If Win7 consumes twice the space as WinXP (which wouldn't surprise me in light of bloat), that should still leave me easily more than 2GB headroom, though if 3.5GB is truly the 32bit max, then that'll trim it back a little. I presume 64bit Windows is still capable of efficiently running 32 bit apps?
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