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No sign of life with new build :(!

Problem appears to be solved -- YAY!

=================================== LATER ==================================================

Well, it was nice while it lasted, I actually got through the bios settings and was letting it boot for the first time off the boot hard drive (already installed WinXP), and it barely got the XP splash screen displayed when it seemed to collapse and blue screened, babbling about viruses or whatever. I then tried to restart it (power push button) and it's dead. Tried connecting an Athlon 64 motherboard to the supply (would previously at least spin the HSF fan), but it's dead too. Looks like my 650W Antec Truepower Trio power supply died -- I thought that was a quality piece?

So, now it appears I need a new power supply -- darn, I was counting on that 650W Antec to have me covered for this build! As soon as the hard drive started working, the supply apparently collapsed ! Any recommendations for a reliable power supply that won't destroy my wallet?

(Checked the processor temp before the boot attempt and it was holding 45C, glad it wasn't trying to do anything serious!)
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