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Hi Chris,

Yeah, I guess it does seem like it could be short behavior, but the motherboard is mounted and there's open space behind the center area and support around the edge. It didn't touch anything, and the only peripherals were the basics, video/keyboard/mouse/boot-drive, naught else. I was just watching progress on the monitor when it imploded. Even with nothing but memory and CPU/HSF it still won't start (no CPU fan spin). When I move the PS connectors to a different board that started just one hour earlier with the same PS, that won't start either. My best guess is there's no longer any +12V. Only sign of life is the other motherboard has a power LED and it does light when the PS switch is on (probably +5V), but makes no difference when the power button is pushed -- nothing happens. If the motherboard has been damaged, it wasn't me that did it, it was that damned Antec! From reading, 500W is easily enough for this application, so I'm ordering an XFX PRO550W with good ratings from Newegg -- really disgusted with Antec, I dropped some change on that piece as an investment, I was a believer !

Regarding the voltages, I did look at them while perusing the BIOS and they were tight. There was no warning, it was almost immediately after the hard drive spun into action that it collapsed, and hard drives draw on the +12V. That Antec must have been operating at the house of cards level. It had a pretty easy life, just an Athlon 64 X2 3800+, six hard drives (most of them idling or powered down most of the time) and a couple optical drives, plus the PS hasn't been in use for some two years. Well ventilated case too. Wonder if it has a fuse or circuit breaker inside?

If the Antec shorted, I just think it was probably an internal failure and nothing to do with the motherboard. Got to see what happens with a new power supply, too bad I'm stuck 'til then .
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