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Originally Posted by danrok View Post
As far as video goes, you can never have too much memory, or too many cores.

But, if you just converting a file from one format to another, I'd guess any PC will get there in the end.
It seems to me that depends entirely on how the software is written. Pro software is normally written for multiple threads, but consumer software is usually far less powerful. I wonder if any consumer software actually uses six cores, let alone eight. Four cores is probably pushing it at that level of software, two or one being more likely. From what I read, even games that use more than one thread remain in the minority, and even those that do are usually predominately single threaded.

Most people presume that since there are eight cores, their apps will execute faster, however, that's not only generally incorrect, typically the reverse is true. More cores tend to be clocked at lower rates than fewer (thermal reasons), and so non-multithreaded apps will actually be slower. The average consumer has no idea, he/she just eats up the marketing BS.
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