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Originally Posted by Gizmo View Post
For the typical home user that watches youtube, plays a few web games, and does email, 64-bit offers NO value.

I actually have 16 GB in my laptop, and I routinely use around 12 of it. I also routinely have 3 VMs running, each with 2 GB allocated, and usually running 15 or so apps in each one, as well as around a dozen web pages open at any one time in my base environment, plus around another half-dozen apps or so. I'm normally manipulating massive spreadsheets (1,000,000 cells+) or crunching through database stuff, connecting via ssh to 15 or 20 servers, etc. In short, very NOT TYPICAL usage.
Wow! I'd think that definitely qualifies as a Pro application (VM's no less). When you go Pro (given the personal multitasking skills, tools, and budget), pretty much anything is possible.

I only recently got interested in video rendering and am still looking for good apps, but the budget for software is aprox zero (PC builds are damaging enough)! Two of my current rendering/converting tools use both my X2 cores, don't know if they can use more, but if so, the new quad build should really speed things up ! But even if not, the increase in clock speed will vastly improve throughput -- that's all I'm hoping for, anything more is gravy.
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