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Originally Posted by Daniel ~ View Post
So Gizmo...ya got any good FREE apps you can recomend for our man TrevorS? ":O}
Crack me up dude ! But yeah, for my personal needs, that's certainly where I'm coming from, but I know better than to expect anything to be laid on me. There are lots of tools out there and sometimes the name products depend more on their name than their performance -- at least in the consumer part of the world (probably in the Pro as well).

But what started me on this thread was whether it made any sense for me to seriously investigate installing a 64bit OS on my hardware. I just completed an AMD FX4300 build and I see the memory limitation referred to above, aprox 3.3GB out of my installed 4GB is apparently accessible with my 32bit OS. So, that's clearly real, though with the apps I'm so far familiar with, it's not a serious limitation. However, when I read that Win7 requires 4GB to function well, that implies 64bit may not be merely an option, but perhaps a necessity with Win7. But, if that's the case, why are they still selling 32bit Win7? The inconsistency seems a bit much! I'd really like to know what's actually going on with this.
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