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Hey man, i was in the same boat but i fix it.

The problem is the same thing that happens with pavilion dv6000's and dv2000's, the videochip overheat and the soldering cracks..

So you have to reflow it! check on youtube " dv6000 black screen " or "dv6000 reflow" and you gonna find tons of step by step videos..

I got the black screen, beeping and caps lock blinking.

What i usually do is take the motherboard off the case.. take the heatsink/fan off... find the videochip, usually is next to the processor.

Clean the thermal paste from the processor and heatsink.

next: put thermal paste on the videochip, take a 25 cents coin(money), put the quarter on top of the videochip with the thermal paste.

next: put a round piece of solder wire on top of the quarter.

next:get a heatgun(not hairgun!) and with a round movement on the quarter, remember in always moving the heatgun of you will damage the board, do a round moviment until the quarter melt all the way, like a liquid..

next: turn off the heat gun and DO NOT TOUCH THE BOARD!! leave the board for like 10 minutes.

Next: assemble the laptop again and you done.

I just did that and it worked. DATE:06-07-2013 Time:6:25PM Hideaki...
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