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OK Perhaps you and Aedan can help me understand a lest a little about File formats, file size and what if anything it means in terms of quality of sound. I'll upload a series of pictures (Oh! the irony!)

Perhaps you can tell me what they mean? Each is in a different file format. The file size differs according to file format,...Wildly differs!

Only one includes a shot of the CD wav format... I have spent the day listening and I honestly can't tell them apart. However it should be noted that I was listening on my computer's Logitec 5.1 Z 5300 speakers... no doubt NOT the pinnacle of sound repo, but very nice to listen to as I work...which is how most of my listening is done.

What can be objectively said about these formats and what are your personal preferences if any of them represent a preference for you?

I note that "Brothers in Arm" uses way more ("Space"?) that the others... Why?
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