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Finally upgraded my PSU!

I've been using the same powersupply for almost 10 years. When built my first gaming rig years ago I picked up an OCZ PowerStream 420w powersupply.

That powersupply is a tank and has been running strong...almost constantly never turning off since I bought it in late 2004. After I upgraded my video card last year to a XFX 6950 I was concerned about total power draw from that power supply. I discovered that I was pulling (give or take) about 420w constantly from my system. I had been worried that that high of a draw off the PSU would put it into critical failure.

Finally, last Friday, Newegg has a shell shocker deal that I couldn't pass up. They had the SeaSonic M12II 750w powersupply on sale for $70 with a $20 rebate. At that price I couldn't pass that kind of a deal up so I ordered it and it was delivered yesterday.

Now I'm ready to do some overclocking now that I know my voltages are going to be steady if I put some heavy load on the system.

Anybody willing to point me in the right direction for overclocking AM3+ system with a Phenom II 945?
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