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Seems clear at least its first incarnation will be FM2 (Kavari), and looks like Vishera will be holding the FX fort through 2014, but that doesn't necessarily rule out an AM3+ Steamroller later. There's supposed to be a road map update sometime in November and that may shed further light. I read a post on another forum by a reported AMD engineer who seemed convinced they weren't yet done with AM3+ (including the 5GHz octal), and AMD did indicate awhile back that Steamroller would be the last AM3+ release (no Excavator).

Not that I've a problem with FM2, I like the HSA concept and hope it'll really make a difference for tasks like video crunching, but I'd like to have the flexibility of one more generation processor for my AM3+ boards (hopefully lower TDP and higher throughput). I won't be buying any more Vishera, got a quad and a hex (only the quad actually built), but would definitely check out Steamroller should it become available.

Originally Posted by AMD: Recent News
New 3D GPU Documentation
Check out these new programming guides and register specifications for the 3D engine here. These documents bring AMD’s public 3D documentation up to date with all currently released asics. Developers on both Hacker News and‎ discussed this documentation & other related topics.

HSA Platform Coherency and SoC Verification Challenges
AMD's Pankaj Singh will be presenting "HSA Platform Coherency and SoC Verification Challenges" at this year's SC13 conference, which is being held Nov. 17-21 in Denver, CO. The presentation will discuss how the support for coherent shared memory across CPU-GPUs has been implemented, new design features in the first implementation of a critical feature of HSA and how verification was achieved for this complex design.

“AMD Aims To Give OpenGL A Big Boost, ‘API Won’t Be The Bottleneck’”
DSOGaming captures an interesting Twitter conversation with AMD’s Graham Sellers and other developers about OpenGL extensions in their article “AMD Aims To Give OpenGL a Big Boost, ‘API Won’t Be The Bottleneck’”. Read John Papadopoulos’ coverage and the corresponding discussion on‎.

International Workshop on OpenCL sets date for 2014 Conference in England
The International Workshop on OpenCL (IWOCL) is an annual meeting of OpenCL™ users, researchers, developers and suppliers. Their second annual conference is scheduled for May 12-13, 2014 in Bristol, England.Technical sessions reflecting OpenCL on PC, HPC, embedded, mobile and web-based platforms are expected. For more information, visit the IWOCL site.
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