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Sorry, I'm late spotting this thread. WinXP Pro SP2 is my workhorse. I find SP3 can introduce instability and so I'm very careful of it.

As mentioned, WinXP (and I gather later renditions of Win) demands to be the first kid on the block. I've recently installed Linux Mint 14.1 in the unpartitioned remnant of an HDD and by installing Linux within the Win extended partition (all Logical partitions), it appears to be fine. However, it seems clear WinXP needs to be installed first, and then Linux GRUB can safely bind it in. (If Linux is installed within the Win partition, that's something else again!)

However, I haven't tried re-installing WinXP after completing the initial two installs (WinXP and then Linux), and presuming the Linux "/boot" partition doesn't require any Win primary partition files (seems like the case), then I'd hope it would work fine. Did your Linux install include a "/boot" partition?
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