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Originally Posted by danrok View Post
What do you mostly use your rig for? Gaming?
Not certain who this question is targeted towards, but no, I don't use my FX4300 for gaming.
Originally Posted by WonderBread View Post
I want to know which would be the most effective upgrade path for the money
Originally Posted by WonderBread View Post
Yes danrok, gaming is pretty much what its used for. Its also my media PC.
I targeted my FX6300/Asrock 970 Extreme4 build towards gaming and personally believe it would do a respectable midrange job at that task (have all the parts, but never actually built it). However, there's gaming and there's gaming. The current most powerful gaming processors are clearly in the Intel stable. If cost effective is a true consideration and one is willing to go with a more midrange machine, AMD offers real possibilities. It's all a question of your needs.
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