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I am a fan of AMD cpu's, nVidia video cards, winXP and win7. Linux Mint is my choice for non win OS.
that said, all my F@H is currently handled by NVidia under win7. I don't possess the skills for WOW or FPS games. I can't do two things at once and that includes thinking and moving around in a fast paced game where my Avatar dies. I play Chess! no drain on the vid card as it crunches F@H.
the AMD/Raedon vs Intel/NVidia could cloud my future. at 66yoa, I'm not inclined to seek further knowledge related to the inner workings of all things computer. I'm learning to forget that which I don't need to know.
keep up the good work with the building of new hardware. I know I will as my new 990FXA awaits an 8 core cpu to go with the 2X660Ti vid cards. and I will need a Mint box with an older? core duo? Mint doesn't love any of my quad AMD's. works well enough for what I need, not all of what I want!

Folding 24/7 with AMD QuadCore CPU's & nVidia Cuda Powered GPU's

AOA Team fah
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