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Sounds like you had a failing hard drive... I would say its time to start over.

Since you have installed Linux on a hard drive, it requires a files system called FAT32 (ext4) and does not let you install Windows over it.
The best thing you can do is format the whole drive again.

The way I like to do this is using an IDE/SATA to USB Adapter or install Linux on a flash drive and boot it.
The adapter will let you connect that hard drive to a different computer and you can format with Windows.
The flash drive with Linux will let you format the internal drive without having to install Linux.
Either way, it needs to be completely formatted.

Once that is done, start by installing Windows on it, but make sure to only partition enough for Windows and leave some free space for Linux.

Then use your flash drive with Linux on it to boot to Linux and then install it. Remember to use that free space you left from the Windows partitioning.

After Linux is installed, reboot and see if Grub will allow you to choose Windows or Linux.

That should do it

By the way, a few of us "AOA regulars" have moved to which is all about Linux and games. Signup and post questions there and we'll probably get back to you quicker.
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