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I have built a similar rig
ASUS 990FX Sabertooth R 2.0
ASUS 7970
16 Gig Crucial Balistix 1866 9-9-9-27 @ 1.5V
Crucial 256 Gig SSD
WD 1 TB 'Black' HD
Fractal 750 PSU
Antec Kuhler 920 (Great and quiet)
Samsung Blu Ray drive
All in a Coolermaster HAF 32 case
27" Samsung
Win 8.1 Pro

But it is really my Number 2

The Number one that I actually finished the week before is a better Gamer

ASRock 990FX Extreme 9
Gigabyte 7990
FX 9370
Radeon 16 Gig Ram 2133
Corsair Neutron GTX 500 Gig (or maybe it was 480) SSD
2 TB WD "black" HD
Antec 850 PSU
Corsair H100i cooling (I don't know if it's the video card or cooler but it can get very loud from fan noise)
Corsair 600T case
Samsung 27"
Win 7 Ultimate

I did run 3D Mark with it and while I don't recall the score, the graph had me to the far right of everyone else, but such things are fleeting. Anyway it will work and I had a pot load of free games to DL.

That's not all I have done. Two 8350's for the Warden, one with a MSI 990FX G-80 board and a 7870, the other with a R1.0 Gigabyte 990FX UD7 and a XFX 7970. I upgraded my Mom's with a ASRock 990FX Fatal1ty board and a MSI 7850 vid card, FX 4170 CPU, and finally the kitchen computer got another MSI 990FX G-80, a Sapphire 7950 and a FX-4350.

Don't tell anyone about the 4350 because it is not only faster stock over the 8350 but currently $80 cheaper too. It is the Performance value!
Rig 1 MSI K9A2 Platinum, 6400+, 4 gig PC6400, 3870; and then MSI K9A2 CF, 5000+; Abit Fatal1ty AN8, Opteron 185; ASRock 939Dual VSTA, 4400+; EPoX 9NPA+ Ultra, 148 Opteron; Abit KN9 SLI, 5000+;Abit UL8, 3800+; Gigabyte 754 3200+; ASUS A8N-VM CSM, 3500+, ASRock Dual Sata-2, 3200+, Abit NF7-S; DFI NFII; EPoX 8RDA6+Pro.
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