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Originally Posted by Strongwolf View Post
The standard. But now I have another problem. After a couple of days of regular using I was in USB Live using Linux when I had the need for turning the machine off (while in Linux Live) great mistake. Then she doesn't want to start up or anything. I took the 20 pins and the 4 pins plugs out, take out the battery and short the clear CMOS jumper. Then I wait for about 30 - 45 minutes. When assembled the hole thing It started the CPU fan spontaneously. I only turn on the button of the PSU and the fan start spinning. This baffles me. Don't know what could be happening. Any idea?
That isn't good.
Hopefully its not a hardware problem... that would suck!

Starting to sound like the BIOS has some kind of problem.
I wonder if the BIOS needs an update?

I had an ASUS board that I used for gaming over about two years and one day the video would not appear. I tried everything from replacing power supply, swapping RAM, to unplugging everything and it turned out to be a Bad BIOS chip.
It never happened to me before and has not happened since.

Try updating the BIOS, if it will let you. If not, look on the motherboard and see if there is a removable chip. IF there is, you will be able to purchase a new chip on ebay and test it.
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