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Sounds like a suggestion of sexual liberties, as in underage. Between that and the McCarthy witch hunt, I'm not sure what to expect. It was Erol Flynn that was a screen sensation, but then defamed due to predilictions. It was Polanski that took liberties on U.S. soil (not that many U.S. citizens don't) and is today legally assailed due to his offense towards a 14yr old. Is this all justified, or is it a reflection of the severely puritanical (hypocrytical?) attitude of the U.S.? Would other countries perhaps see this in other perspectives?

Not long ago, an attractive Florida secondary school female teacher took a male student as a lover. She was eventually prosecuted, but not incarcerated. If a male teacher is found at fault, he can pretty much count on incarceration. A West Coast female teacher became pregnant twice by a student and was sent to prison, but upon her release, the two were married. What really makes sense when it comes to sexual contact between the very young and the older? How often does the complainant in such situations turn out to be themselves an offender? Are we really just talking about a sense of guilt? We are sexual beings, perhaps there are limits as to what can be reasonably expected of us?

I suspect there's a lot of distortion. Human beings are human beings, but sophistication/understanding tends to depend on age/experience. Perhaps what matters most is respect between ourselves and those we contact. It's never appropriate to take advantage of other human beings, regardless of age. I suspect that's the fundamental problem. In the absence of respect we have only anarchy, humanity is lost. Humanity is what should be most valued, young or old, female or male, the future is always the young, but it must be supported by the old! The young can't be expected to carry the burden by themselves. Your love of your children is always measured by your willingness to stand by and for them!
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