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Originally Posted by Strongwolf View Post
No, my name Strongwolf is taken in a lot of sites,but that's OK. I finally make the FM2 A55. Use the "olde Yank it off" technique and it work wonderful. Then came the all Mighty MS Validation Tool hidden on an update and shut me down. My Win XP is legal so I call MS and now all is well. Have to do a new installation thou. BTW I bought an GeForce GTX 560 Ti and I can't use it cause the DVI adapter of the PCI 2 that I was using didn't fit the plug in the cardDo you know of a work around for this?
When you called Microsoft did you have to enter all the numbers in the phone?
I have done that a few times... what a pain!

So the GeForce GTX 560 Ti probably has two DVI outputs. You monitor doesn't support them?
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