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Thanks for the idea, the WD TV Live looks a pretty neat box, small size, decent price, includes a remote (I ordered a sale Rosewill Win7/8 remote a week ago for my HTPC -- hope it works.) However, spent a little time reading Newegg reviews and am not comfortable with the complaints. Think I may actually be safer staying with my HTPC and VLC, but don't know for sure yet.

Just got the new receiver working with the rest of the HT a couple days ago (still working on the main speaker cables, 22ft homemade buggers) and still have to try the power line LAN connection and using the HTPC to source the receiver. There's noticeable fan noise, so I think I'm going to move the rear fan ("Power") to the front fan header ("Case") since that one provides speed control. It shouldn't need much cooling in this job. Lot of things to test yet, see how far I get this weekend.

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Sucks the audio card is defunct! I hope the new one works in Windows and Linux
Newegg reported receipt and acceptance of my RMA shipment Wednesday, but then Friday informed me of a refund. Guess they didn't have any more refurbed cards to send out. Still, the on-board Realtek sound is actually pretty good, and given I plan to use HDMI anyway, it probably won't be necessary. Does seem a little strange though not having a quality audio card in a media PC -- like something's missing. OTOH, doesn't hurt to have the $80 back in my checking account, it's been mostly outflow for awhile.
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