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Thanks for the suggestion, but it would be nice if the remote can do the job. Just installed the driver and am realizing the design intent was to control Windows Media Center, something I've never used.

With Windows, it doesn't seem to have the ability to change window focus, but after arriving in a window (mouse), it can select objects, open and close folders, and playback a movie file. However, don't yet see a way to remote maximize the playback window, or move to a player control bar (probably window focus again) though the player control buttons appear to work.

I tried Windows Media Center, but instead of keeping my movie files organized for intelligent access, the stupid thing just stretched the names of every single media file across the screen and well beyond -- what good is that for more than a handful of files? I tried playing a DVD and control was fine, but the player wasn't. Windows Media Player image quality is junk, and unless WMC can be configured to playback with my choice of player, then it's junk as well. So, results of my initial foray aren't too good, though the remote itself works fine.

Just moved the HTPC back to the PC room to see if I can figure out any solutions. Not a good idea to lollygag with a PC on a plasma.
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