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Finding both the remote and WMC disappointing. I spent time searching setup hints for WMC and learned about streaming TV off the net from an older XP based article, but nothing in my Win7 Ultimate WMC indicates that capability is still available, only Live TV which I don't have and won't be getting. Spent time fooling around with the movie library mode and view it a pretty complete disaster. If I designate upper level directories, it says the subdirectories are included, but the titles don't show up. If I designate all the directories, they all show up and I've a 970+ entry nightmare extending well beyond the screen -- could hardly be more useless. Can find no way to navigate to a single directory and then down into its files. If it just allowed me to "TAB" from directory to directory, it would be a lot better, but still not good enough when dealing with TV series and even film extra content. Add to that the Windows Media Player picture is at best mediocre quality (it works, but that's it), I'm concluding the only thing good about WMC is it's compatible with the Rosewill remote. No wonder MS decided to start charging for it with Win8, what a great product!

For Windows Explorer, blowing up the size of the icons and screen print helps tremendously when navigating to a film, and the Remote supports navigation once the focus is in the server window. However, after launching film playback, I can't find a way to control screen size or exit playback outside of a mouse. Too bad the designers of the remote driver didn't allow for user programmability so it can also be setup to work reasonably with Windows.

Next step is to try XBMC and see if it makes any more sense. As an Open Source effort, seems at least likely it would support VLC playback. May even support the Remote. Wonder if it does a better job of organizing library files?

EDIT: XBMC may be the greatest thing since sliced bread, but I'm finding it pretty obtuse. Has a collection of net accessible transmissions which is good, but have got nowhere so far on accessing my server files, which is my main goal -- was expecting that to be pretty straightforward! Something to spend Christmas day with I suppose !
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