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Yikes, sounds like you're loaded for bear! I've been an AMD fan since my first K6 and still have a running Athlon XP mobile (daily PC) and three running 939 Athlon 64 X2 machines (one my AGP gamer), as well as older AT hardware, some built, some not. My first recent machine is the FX4300 in my server and latest is the A6-5400K HPTC. (Got parts to build an FX6300 gamer last summer, but no games that need it )

I'm very interested in HSA and hUMA and am hoping to see that initiative translate into very powerful crunchers. Hopefully, some of my recent hardware will prove leverageable. People tend to reflexively view APU graphics capability purely as something to hold the fort before getting a good video card -- basically for a starter or office PC. That's not the design concept at all. The intent is to closely bind the parallel processing power of a GPU, with the more serial general purpose processing power of a CPU, eliminating as much latency as possible through merging their memory space. This extends to compatible video cards as well. I think that's pretty exciting and while Trinity was a step back from Llano in HSA resources (fewer shaders) Kaveri is expected to really up the game via GCN graphics, SteamrollerB compute modules, and more powerful memory sharing.

Also, note that installing a video card similar to the APU graphics makes a big difference in gaming performance (Dual Graphics).,3224-4.html

This link demonstrates the effect of utilizing graphics compute ability to improve non-graphics workload performance, particularly with quad-core APU's. (Note: OpenCL also works for Intel processors and n'Videa graphics -- not an AMD exclusive.),3224-19.html
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