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Bit late updating this, but did some video comparisons and XBMC video quality is the easy winner over WMC. However, I also compared XBMC video (with setup tweaks) with the current release of VLC (2.1.2), and VLC won handily. Learned that XBMC video processing is the same as VLC except a generation behind due to XBMC release cycles. Tried the December XBMC Beta release and it give very similar image quality to the latest VLC. However, also learned there are certain other video solutions that can be better still. Am playing with one that's just like film to me, but have to work on the integration -- been distracted.

Should mention I made a mistake getting DDR3 1600 for my A6-5400K processor, should have gotten DDR3 1866 -- fastest the APU will support being the correct choice (primarily impacts iGPU speed). I've now 4GB 1866 on hand to install, will get there.
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