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The A8-7600 is appearing the gem in this release, in most cases its performance is not too far removed from the A10s and its ability to run at either 45 or 65W TDP could be useful for HTPC and other quiet or small form factor applications. To whatever degree thermal throttling is an issue, moving from the factory HSF to more capable coolers would have to make a substantial difference.

Just as Richland is basically a tweaked Trinity, I could easily see a tweaked Kaveri appearing before Carrizo brings Excavator -- the engineering staff probably has a growing list of improvements that could be made. At worst, many of those adjustments will likely be rolled into Carrizo, but if Carrizo happens to be looking late 2015, then a second Kaveri pass could make sense. Although I doubt they can add an L3 cache without further process reduction, anything else that would reduce memory latency could be helpful. I expect all the glue that enables HSA/hUMA to function is under serious scrutiny. Together with ongoing evaluation of SHP process compromises and possibilities -- it takes experience to make the best decisions and they've now an iteration under their belts.

PS. Ran across this article relative to AMD and GlobalFoundries 20nm and 14nm processes, but it's not clear which processors will be targeted.

Also ran across this article regarding AMD plans regarding the FX family.
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