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Hi everyone, its been a few years since I have been at any tech sites and the only one I could remember was AOA. I guess its because I spent so much time here .So I have a few questions for Daniel and the rest of the masses here.

I will be doing a little upgrading on my sig system and would ask some advise in regards to wattages and performance for the memory and CPU.

Since the board is designed for 16g memory I will be replacing to 4g I currently am running. As I did some research I see Corsair and the other manufacturers don't support 16g on this board or for that much even 8g isn't supported. So my question is, Are any of you using or have used 8-16g on this board in the past?

My second question is, after reading up on a few different chips for the board would I have a significant performance boost if I add a 95w or 125w chip? I would think the 6 core 95w chips would run cooler but is the performance worth adding a 6 core 125w?

Cooling is not an issue since I still have well over 250cfm in fans running 24/7 and I am able to twist em up over 400cfm if necessary during the summer or gaming.

Advise or comments are welcome and its nice to see AOA still around
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