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Hmm! Seems my Photobucket photos are still alive, yet I can't log on to Photobucket??? Weird!

In any case, made further changes to my ZEOS case server ! Purchased a used XFX Radeon "Core" 7850 1GB via Ebay and installed it for purpose of adding 1024 shaders with hope of accelerating video rendering. The good is that the card seems to work well (good gaming benchmark scores), but I had to pull my PCI Firewire card since the 7850 is dual slot and there was no room for its fan to breath (replaced it with a PCIe). The two optical drive ATA ribbon cables are also a breathing issue, so I removed the fan-adjacent rear slot cover to allow direct external air draw. Ran gaming benchmarks including "Heaven" and found I could boost the GPU under-load clock to 1GHz with 74C occasional peak (stock max 860MHz w/ 69C peak), left the GDDR5 at 1.2 GHz.

Turned out that video card was the longest I could have installed given the floor mounted hard drive cage, leaves just enough gap for reasonable install of the 6 pin power cable. Was lucky on that! Also replaced the fixed full speed exhaust fan at the case top rear with a PWM fan connected to the board "Chassis Fan" header (BIOS controlled 4 pin, required a 12" extender) -- as the CPU heats, both CPU and top exhaust fans pick up.

Last change was as a server, at 10.5 TB, I was running out of file storage space, so I installed additional drives in an external four drive Vantek Nexstar HX4 cabinet and added a USB 3.0 PCIe card (two sockets on board, but wanted additional flexibility.) That's all my usable expansion card slots, but it's looking pretty good. Oh yes, had a couple extra G Skill 2GB DDR3 1600 cards (came out of the memory speed upgraded HTPC) and so I installed them as well making a total of 8GB. Not that I ever found 4GB a hindrance, but I've no other use for it and so why not -- perhaps it'll make a difference with video crunching.

Speaking of which, I just ordered a reasonably priced FX 8320 via Ebay and have in mind to use it for video crunching. Main problem I'm running into so far is lack of video rendering software that supports Radeon GPU acceleration (a real bummer, needs OpenCL support). Still, an eight core cpu should help in absence of that, video crunching apps being famously multi-threaded. Issue of greatest interest with the FX 8320 is CPU cooling. I plan to use a standard 125W AMD HSF (currently installed on the FX 4300) and am hoping the combination of 120mm low front intake fan, 80mm Antec PSU fan, 80mm top exhaust fan, and center rear I/O panel cutout "intake" will keep CPU temp under control. To be seen!
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