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Thanks man !

The existing HSF holds the fully loaded FX 4300 to 52C peak with fans targeted for 50C and level 5, and so hopefully, with a modest increase in temp and fan target it'll be able to hold the FX 8320. If not, I'll just have to upgrade the HSF, but at stock clocks, I don't think that should be needed.

By the way, didn't mention it earlier, but I installed the MS Win7 Hot-Fixes that cause the scheduler to more optimally dispatch tasks for AMD Bulldozer architecture. Default dispatching assigns one task per core first and then multi-threads further tasks, whereas Bulldozer generally works best assigning one task per module first and then further tasks to the remaining cores (each module containing two cores). From reading and personal use, can't say it makes a huge difference, but can be helpful. The reason it can be a factor is that Bulldozer shares certain resources between the two module cores, max independence being one task per module. However, if two tasks share data, a single module can be beneficial due to cache behavior. This isn't something the MS dispatcher is designed to evaluate.
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