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Another $0.02 (we need to get a penny jar for this thread )...

I certainly can't say I know thing 1 about programming a bios and/or chipset interworkings, but I do know troubleshooting and if there's a common issue among several people while others experience no problems at all, then it's likely a conflict with a piece of hardware common to those being affected.

It's likely Epox is NOT at fault because its impossible to test every possible hardware configuration with their motherboard prior to release (unless you like to wait 2 years between releases). It's a matter of math, time and common sense. Much of what's learned is after the fact, hence "bios updating". Updating is not always about expanding the component's compatability with future/new hardware, but resolving issues with current hardware. What's offered here is an avenue to help speed up that process between issue and solution. Epox tech's frustration is likely along the lines of needing that information in order to really be of service.
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