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wow. another year passed already!! seems like just yesterday I was here! It has been quite a year though!

I finally got over my pneumonia but it took me a few months to come back from the whole "heart failure" episode. And then just about that time one of my sons friends was "outdoors" not being able to handle living with his meth addicted parents any longer, so we took him in and gave him a place to stay until he finished school.

No one probably remembers but my wife had an affair with a minor back around the turn of the century and all hell broke loose. Not to be outdone by her younger self, she decided our new room mate (AKA: my sons friend staying with us) was fair game for her stupid tricks and decided to have another go at the whole cougar thing.

Fortunately he had just turned 18 so there was no legal repercussions this time, but we have since parted ways so I have been dealing with dissolving a 20 year marriage for the last several months. Things are finally settling down a bit so I am haunting up a few places and trying to get on with my so called life..

Anyway, how's you's peoples been?
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