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Originally Posted by cloasters View Post
He made four films in 2014, it's said that one of them isn't certain to make it to the screen. I don't know this for absolute certain, but his two former wives were greedily draining his veins through exorbitant alimony demands (both were childless by him). He was also seriously ill, so maybe checking out shouldn't be held against him too much.
It's a shame things happen that way. I don't challenge that a spouse has a responsibility to provide an equitable settlement on separation, but it shouldn't be a license to extort.

Originally Posted by cloasters View Post
Saw "The Equalizer" (2014) last night, highly recommended. Denzel Washington after long playing intelligent "sort of Action Hero" types (afaik) has FINALLY turned into the tough guy I've been wanting to see for years. And such a tough guy! Of course he's impossibly intelligent and beyond a naturally savvy and extremely well trained former higher than Special Ops kinda guy. And not at all James Bondish, YAY! I genuinely like this movie, two thumbs up!
Oh yeah, 'The Equalizer' was DEFINITELY worth seeing, and I would like to see Denzel in more roles like that. What I really enjoyed about that movie was the Denzel's style of acting really contrasts the two sides of the character's personality.
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