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"Red Rock West" (1993) is better than I imagined it would be. It's definitely a noir film, and it's made more difficult to be noir because of the sunny Western vistas. Not sure if Nicholas Cage is an anti-hero or a hero in this one. He's simply a far better moral character than the rest of the major roles, aptly and evilly filled by Dennis Hopper, Lara Flynn Boyle (who I'd like to be at least a thousand miles away from in this movie,) and her nasty piece of work husband J T Walsh. Yarr, they are bad, bad, worse "people!"

"Unbreakable Kimmy Schmitt" (2015-) is as opposite to "Red....." as is possible. The title character is the most positive, bubbly, persevering woman imaginable wonderfully brought to life by Ellie Kemper. It's a Netflix series that Tina Fey (she appears in it once in one episode as a darn near unrecognizable character) and a bunch of other folks produce.
Rates an 8.1 from imdb, yet because my own life is in desperate need of leavening on occasion I give it a 9.0. Highly recommended!
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