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Question Suggest DDR2 2x1G sticks that can do 3-3-3 timings

Guys, I wonder, what 2x1G sticks to use in my ASRock 775Dual-VSTA to get the maximum possible ram speed. There are some cool rams out there, that can do very nice speeds, like these - 413MHz, 3-3-3-5 1T timings:
Mayk`s PCMark 2004 score: 13547 marks with a Core 2 X6800 (2.93Ghz) (but user Mayk is not registred on this forum, so I cannot ask, what rams he used)

- 294MHz, 3-3-3-9 1T timings:
michaelnm`s 3DMark2001 SE score: 42240 marks with a GeForce 6800 GS (NV42) AGP (user michaelnm asked about witch rams he used)

- 465MHz, 3-3-3-1 (?) 2T (?) timings:
roro`s SuperPi - 32M score: 9min 19sec 340ms with a Core 2 X6800 (2.93Ghz) (no user roro on this forum is registred)

So I would like to know, what rams get, to get similar/same/better results. The aimed CPU is Core Duo Extreme X6800 with FSB 1066MHz, mobo ASRock 775Dual-VSTA (DDR2 667 supported, so 333MHz) and 3-3-3 timings is a *must* reach at such clocks.

All I managed to find ATM is CellShock CS2221440 rams, witch are praised a lot in tests:
PassMark - MSC Vertriebs GmbH CS2221440 1GB - Price performance comparison

Show capability of 3-3-3-8 timings (at 1T up to 358MHz, witch is pretty good):
CellShock CS2221440: DDR2-эксклюзив made in Germany!

...and overclockers pushed them a lot too, 440MHz, 3-3-3-5 with 2.51V (ugh) and unknown command rate:
Micron D9 GMH\GKX\JKH etc club - Page 91

The results around "3-3-3-5 @ 800 is only good at 2.0-2.1v." would be great, but Google search returned nothing to sale (not even on eBay) for "CellShock CS2221440", so I probably have to look out for alternatives too.

Anyone who can suggest a good 2x1G DDR2 rams with the 1T capable of 3-3-3 timings...? Not need to have TRAS 1, lol. That is probably some sort of error, lol. Cannot imagine that this is a real value
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