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Originally Posted by Gizmo View Post
'The Hobbit' parts 2 and 3:
Dragon roar "Where are you?!"
more sneaking
Dragon roar, village on fire, people screaming
more sneaking
Dragon roar, hero kills dragon, people rejoice
more sneaking
people attack dwarves
more fighting
elves attack dwarves
still more fighting
dwarf reinforcements arrive
continuing fighting
orcs and wargs arrive
still with the fighting
bad guys defeated, good guys badly injured, much crying and rejoicing, roll credits.

The 2nd and 3rd movies really were dreadfully thin on anything amounting to a real dialog. The whole Tauriel (Who?) and Kili romance angle (Really? We just HAD to do this?) was a complete fabrication from the books.
In light of which, I'm probably best off rereading "The Hobbit". I found the romance angle interesting, but the story was still drawn out, including the barrel chase down the river. I understand Jackson first went for two films, and then argued for a trilogy. Seems to me he did "The Hobbit" no favors (though no doubt the short attention span action junkies are happy -- I've seen their praise). Hard to believe great literature and turn of word/expression was once valued! Today's population seems headed for the absolute lowest common denominator. Classical education, or TV and video games? Sad!

@Cloasters, I'm choosing to ignore your political commentary, please don't require more of the same -- this has been a good thread on better quality entertainment! I'd prefer to preserve it along those lines, if we can !
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