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I agree, very, very few men can attempt to be Superman--and live to tell the tale. We all need heroes to aid our aspirations and bolster our courage, but humans including men are very fragile in reality. How many movie heroes fall four stories and land on their backs on the roof of a car, damaging only the car? Puhlease. It's unrealistic to see women best men in physical strength, and I love movies when the woman out-thinks the man to win the contest. Or kids outwit adults. And it makes me so sorry when evil muscle heads lose the day.

Women can be so devastatingly attractive and for this I'm grateful. But deadlier than the male seems to be true in many cases. Sigh. Always something!

If you have Netflix I MUST recommend "sense8." Don't miss it, it's available on DVD only overseas and it's very expensive.
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