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IIRC, some groups of Eastern Native Americans handed their captured POW's over to their women for punishment. 'Twas said to be extraordinarily painful. I know I'm glad I missed the experience!

I'm happy that you enjoyed "sense8." I find Jamie Clayton as Nomi Marks amazingly beauteous and Tina Desai as Kala from Mumbai is a total knockout, literally breathtaking in one of the wedding scenes. Tuppence Middleton isn't beautiful imho, yet she is a powerful actress indeed.
Aml Ameen is so good that I was convinced he was from Nairobi, Max Riemelt plays the tough guy and an enlightened character from Berlin extremely well and I must not leave Doona Bae as Sun Bak out of the praise list. What a powerful actor!

This was the best series of films I can remember seeing in a lifetime.

Netflix is a mixed blessing yet it deserves KUDOS for "sense8".
When the world will be better.

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