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Watching a couple of Danish tv series, into the second season of "Rita," an interesting schoolteacher who has the finest rear end in all of Scandinavia. Just seeing her walking away from the camera is a treat for sore eyes.

Just saw the first episode of "Borgen," a political tale that gets extremely high marks in Denmark. It's interesting enough to want to see the second installment, I have the first three thanks to Netflix.

Saw "Lucy" (2014) this weekend, I found it to be a great mind blowing action movie. The 6.4 from imdb seems ungenerous, I think it's better. I love Luc Besson, this isn't one of his best efforts but I give it two thumb's up.

Started on the second season of "The Blacklist" (2013-). It lacks some of the surprise of the first season, yet James Spader is a superb actor, he can make mud fascinating.
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