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Finished "The Blacklist" Season 2, "The Killing" Season 4 and "Orphan Black" Season 3.
"The Blacklist" 2nd season seems to be the end of the story line. Or one could say it ends in a meaningful pause. No worries, Season 3 is already here or on the way. Can't call it great, I'm not in a sweat to see the third season. "The Killing" Season 4 steals far too much from the first season, don't waste the time or moolah. I can't completely recommend any season of "The Killing," although I've only seen the first and fourth. Season 1 was OK.

Tatiana Maslany is such a fine actress that "Orphan Black" from BBC America could probably go on and on and on. She's truly great. I hope another dramatic vehicle will be created for her.

Still in TV land, the Danish series "Borgen" is worthwhile, I've seen the first six episodes. It was Stephen King's favorite when it was new, fwiw.

Saw "The Drop" (2014) late last night. Starring Tom Hardy, (a very capable actor) Noomi Rapace who gets better in every movie, I quite like her and James Gandolfini who plays a very un-good man. The tension tightens every minute, I highly recommend it. Great if slightly claustrophobic because it takes place in a small neighborhood in Brooklyn crime drama.
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