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Originally Posted by Gizmo View Post
You can, and in fact many miners do exactly that, but each machine works its own problem.

You're basically running a really complex math equation. You can't just jump in the middle and start your calculations, which means you can't break the math up into smaller chunks that you can run in parallel and then add the results up at the end. It doesn't work that way. And because the first one to solve the math problem is the ONLY one that wins, it doesn't matter if you have 1 million 1 GHz Celerons running, you will NEVER WIN. The ONLY way to win is to have bigger, badder, more powerful hardware than anyone else. Put a bunch of THOSE in parallel so that you are running a BUNCH of complex math equations, and you MIGHT make some money.

Basically, the game is rigged. In this particular case, that's actually a good thing. If it weren't rigged, it would mean that the person with the biggest, baddest hardware would control the bitcoin ledger, and that would compromise the whole system. Since the game is rigged to get progressively harder, it makes it (theoretically) impossible for one person to control the ledger and thus the bitcoin currency.
That's what I wanted to know. Basically my computers would probably be like a bunch of Celerons running because my stuff is not new cutting edge technologies. Where does the ledger or "problem" to be calculated come from? Where does it originate and who puts it out there for machines to work on?
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