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Cool beans. No idea where that expression came from and I don't use it. Oops, maybe I can be forgiven because of the subject? 150F sounds much too high! 131F is a temp I've never experienced, glad it's a good bit less than 65C! I think 125F is the hottest weather I've ever had the pleasure to deal with. It was in a dry desert, thank goodness. 99F with 99% humidity was a special treat, I now avoid the tropics. That's why the natives of such places tend to be small and thin. Smart tropical design.

All eight cores at 100%. Holy carap you're a braver man than I am, Gungadin!! Mebbe you might back off when Mr Summer returns. Unless you have air conditioning, of course. Very few residents have AC here in La-la land. Would not be surprised if folks from your neck of the woods say that!
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