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LOL! I'm sure she wasn't, but that's arcin' and sparkin' I'd NEVER want to see. I've noticed that my electric bill from the City Owned power outfit goes up all the time. It's funny, but for years now I've always used more power than during the same period a year ago. Always--except for a tiny bit on the last bill. A miracle! I get colder as I age, so just maybe they ain't lying. A C-note per month for the electric bill in the winter for a one bedroom small apt. seems a bit much. When I moved in, back when Hector was a pup ( who was he, btw?) my first for two month elec bills(at summer rates) were $6--because they couldn't charge me less.

Too cheap to meter--right Massa nuclear power? Was almost true for me 25-ish years ago. Oh well, progress rocks. Ahem.

Be good, I hope your new water cooler works fantastically for you for many years!
When the world will be better.
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