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45C? Oh, that's saweet! Nice temp indeed for under heavy load. I know, like who's not under a heavy load these days? Oh, oh. I forgot-- almost every pol, and "pol" from dog-catcher to our blessed preznit has the best interests of the people at heart. So fortunate we are!

I dunno why nearly every politician truly hates the man in the street. But it sure seems to be so. Maybe because once they join those superior folks--you know, the *****ers on Mt. Olympus, they are so danged "virtuous" that they simply can't bear the great unwashed. Well, it's most likely too late for the man in the street to make with the pitch forks to help pry the bashtages off of their thrones. 'Cause surveillance of the massive kind really is everywhere. So happy that makes me!

Personally, I'm glad I'm old. To be a kid facing today's world? Oooh, that is scary.
I wish I could laugh off the state of things far better than I do. I used to be able to much more, but we seem to be too far into the red zone now. And the news lavishing love on the ill-educated and evil spirited thing at the top just wrecks my day. And I avoid the MSM almost perfectly.

Oh bother. It's always something. I'll try to be more positively chuckely next time.
When the world will be better.
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