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Originally posted by Claudius
Keeping the voltage's stable shouldn't be a problem by using zener diodes. Even a sharp voltage spike shouldn't phase it. I risk losing power at lower voltage levels, though, since I will have to blatantly divide the 12V to get to them.

What about connecting a PSU directly to the car's alternator? That solves problems with power loss and it can provide negative voltages. Thats probably a bad idea though. I'll stick with the voltage division.
Depending on how noisy the ignition system is, I'd suggest filtering the 14v line heavily to absorb the worst of the spikes.

Given that some SBCs only need 5V, you could probably get away with building a simple switcher - there's some integrated step down switchers out there that would probably work very well for your application. That'll mean you don't need so much cooling as switchers are far more efficent compared to linears.

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