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Originally posted by sar
I know it was 3D Mark 2001SE. The scores that I am getting are ranging between 9200 and 9800. The highest score I ever got was 9898. I don't know if these "numbers" are expectable with the config that I have. I was expecting to break the 10000 mark, but Oh Well....
My spekz are: MSI K7T266 Pro2 RU mbd.
Athlon 1700+ not OC'd
256Mb PC2100 DDR RAM
Gforce 4 Ti4600
Hercules Muse XL S/C
Antec 350W P/S
Dude, your card should be pumping out.. About 12k in scores. The reason it's NOT is because your proc is not OC'd... Try raising the OC as high as you can, and you will get FAR better scores.
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