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Originally posted by Simon W
I am also trying to find out which Bios version I have. I'm using an 8K3A+ and the Epox site recommends Bios version 2328.

But my board is fairly new so am I already using 2328?

The only reference I can find is on boot up where it indicates I have version 6.00.

Are they the same thing? - or is 2328 newer?

I don't want to upgrade it if I've already got it.

to check you bios version check the date on the lower left corner

2328 bios is for date 3/28

if your board is using bios 3/12 --- 2312 and you aren´t having any problems , i wouldn´t recomend upgrading to 2328

as 2328 is more of a downgrade in performance
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