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Xtasy GF3 Ti 175 | 400
Nanya DDR 256Mb PC2100
Samsung 80Gb 7200rpm HDD.
Dr. Thermal chiller.

so far in testing...

150 FSB no sweat.
CAS 2 RAM 1T timings, no sweat.
BIOS sees a XP1900+
GF3 clocked at 200 | 480 no sweat.

running 3Dmark2001SE and Passmark burn in pro 2.2 all day w/o a glitch!

all this at 1.85vcore and a generic 300wt. PSU, and + .5v bump for the DDR too.
this mobo allows for 2.2vcore LMAO

it's gonna be a fun summer!!!
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